Marianna Wolski

circa 1804

Married Thomas Konieczka 12 Jan 1829 in the Drzycim Parish.

(The Drzycim parish records are very hard to read and appear to have large mold spots in the middle of the registers. Some of the records are totally unreadable and some you can only make out parts.)

T???, born on what looks like the 16th of Mar in 1830. Name starts with a T and that's all I can really make out.
Maryanna, born 5 May 1840, married Martin Gburek on 12 Sep 1858, died 24 Mar 1929.
Catherine, born 17 Aug 1843.
Magdalena, born 25 Jul 1849.

Sources: marriage and children's births.

There are other Konieczka from the Drcycim parish I find in Chicago that tie into tree. Connecting surnames are Smieszek and Witkowski.

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