Maryanna Piatek

According to children's marriages and other records, their parents were Wojciech Owczarzak and Maryanna Piatek. There is a marriage on the Poznan site which I have not gotten yet. It is entry #3 in 1850 in the parish of Duszno, Mogilno, Bydgoszcz, Poland for Adalbertus Owczarzak age 37 to Marianna Piatek age 22.

Stanislaus, born about 1851, married Theresia Balska on 23 Sep 1874.
Casimirus, born about 1853, married Josepha Gladych on 21 Jan 1885
Francisca, born 26 Sep 1855, married Francis Jankowski on 23 Feb 1876, died 28 Oct 1946.
Katarzyna, born about Mar 1868, married Joannes Jakubczak on 25 Jan 1888 and married Stanley Debminski on 1 Feb 1897, she died 12 Mar 1957.
Pelagia, born about Mar 1872, married Vincent Lukaszewski on 27 Nov 1894, died 2 Jul 1961. (Vincent Lukaszewski is a first cousin to Francis Jankowski who married Francisca Owczarzak.)
[see Lukaszewski descendant list]

Sources: children's marriages.

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