Maryanna Konieczka


Parents were Thomas Konieczka and Marianna Wolski.

Born 5 May 1840 in Sieroslaw, Poland.
Baptised 6 May 1840 in the Drzycim Parish.
Died 24 Mar 1929 in Chicago, Illinois and buried at St. Adalbert's Cemetery in Niles, Illinois.

Married Martin Gburek 12 Sep 1858 in the Drzycim parish.
His surname is written as Burczyk and he is 26. Maryanna is 18.
Witnesses are Mathias Lewandowski & Anton Jedrzejewski.

Thomas, born 17 Dec 1858, married Anna Stermer, died 20 Mar 1931.
Justina, born 6 Oct 1860, married Anthony Warenczak on 19 Jan 1892, died 4 Dec 1945.
Maryanna, born 20 Sep 1862, married Vincent Rossa on 5 Oct 1886, married Frank Gorski on 1 Oct 1916, died 19 Jan 1934.
Balbina, born 15 Dec 1864.
Margaretha, born 7 Mar 1867.
Paulina, born 12 Feb 1869.
Julian, born 23 Aug 1871.
Anton, born 13 Jul 1873.
Catharina, born 31 Dec 1875, married Josef Murawski on 23 Jun 1896, died 30 Apr 1948.
Frances, born 20 Jan 1880, married Stanley Gorski on 26 Apr 1904, died 6 Feb 1940.
Anastazy, born 27 Feb 1883, married Rosalia Jankowski on 22 Sep 1909, died 17 Oct 1967.

Daughters Justina and Maryanna's marriages state they were born in Rowienica and Catharina's says Drzycim parish. Rowienica is a town that belongs to the Drzycim parish.

Per census, Maryanna had 14 children and I was told Anastazy was the youngest of 14. I found all births in Drzycim parish except for Francis and Anastazy. Still looking for Frances' birth & 3 unknowns. Anastazy was found in Topolno, Poland.

Sources: marriage, immigration, 1900 & 1910 census, death certificate and obituary.

Thomas Konieczka

circa 1800

Married Marianna Wolski 12 Jan 1829 in the Drzycim Parish.

(The Drzycim parish records are very hard to read and appear to have large mold spots in the middle of the registers. Some of the records are totally unreadable and some you can only make out parts.)

T???, born on what looks like the 16th of Mar in 1830. Name starts with a T and that's all I can really make out.
Maryanna, (see above).
Catherine, born 17 Aug 1843.
Magdalena, born 25 Jul 1849.

Sources: marriage and children's births.

There are other Konieczka from the Drcycim parish I find in Chicago that tie into tree. Connecting surnames are Smieszek and Witkowski.

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