Anastazy Gburek

1883 - 1967

Aka Anastasius Gburek, Albert Gburek and Albert Burke.

Parents were Martin Gburek and Maryanna Konieczka.

Born 27th February 1883 in Waldowo, Swiecie, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Baptised 4th March 1883 in the parish of Topolno, Swiecie, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Died 17th October 1967 and is buried in St. Adalbert's Cemetery in Niles, Illinois.

Married to Rosalia Jankowski on 22nd September 1909 at St. Hedwig's Church, Chicago.

Harry Joseph, born 4 Jul 1910, married Emily Kozak on 29 Aug 1936, died 2 Jul 1972.
Edwin C., born 1 Jul 1914, married Marie Gondela on 13 Sep 1941, died 21 Mar 1991.
Ernest, born 26 Apr 1918, died 6 Oct 1920.
Theodore H., Born 21 Nov 1921, married Helen Kramer on 24 Aug 1947, died 6 Dec 1990.

Sources: baptism, immigration, 1900 1910 1920 1930 censuses, church marriage, WW1 and WW2 draft registrations, funeral card and obituary.

All records in the U.S have his birth as March 27th but the birth in Poland is clearly February.

Martin Gburek

born about 1832

Married Maryanna Konieczka 12th September 1858 in the Drzycim parish.
His surname is written as Burczyk and he is 26. Maryanna is 18.
Witnesses are Mathias Lewandowski and Anton Jedrzejewski.

Thomas, born 17 Dec 1858, married Anna Stermer, died 20 Mar 1931.
Justina, born 6 Oct 1860, married Anthony Warenczak on 19 Jan 1892, died 4 Dec 1945.
Maryanna, born 20 Sep 1862, married Vincent Rossa on 5 Oct 1886, married Frank Gorski on 1 Oct 1916, died 19 Jan 1934.
Balbina, born 15 Dec 1864.
Margaretha, born 7 Mar 1867.
Paulina, born 12 Feb 1869.
Julian, born 23 Aug 1871.
Anton, born 13 Jul 1873.
Catharina, born 31 Dec 1875, married Josef Murawski on 23 Jun 1896, died 30 Apr 1948.
Frances, born 20 Jan 1880, married Stanley Gorski on 26 Apr 1904, died 6 Feb 1940.
Anastazy, (see above).

Daughters Justina and Maryanna's marriages state they were born in Rowienica and Catharina's says Drzycim parish.

Per census, Maryanna had 14 children and I was told Anastazy was the youngest of 14. I found all births in Drzycim parish except for Francis and Anastazy. Still looking for Frances' birth and 3 unknowns.

Click here for list of Martin Gburek's descendants.

another Gburek in Drzycim

There is a Matthew Gburek, born 10 Sep 1822 whose birth is found in Jezewo. His parents are Michael Gburek & Magdalena Topolinska. He married Maryanna Jordan on 8 Nov 1846 in the Drzycim parish and his family also moved to Chicago.

Their children are:
Johan, born 3 Nov 1847 in Brzemiona.
Michael, born 19 Sep 1849 in Rowienica, married Michalina Wojciechowski, died 12 Feb 1926 in Chicago.
Anny, born abt 1852, married Andrzej Rynkowski. I find their daughter Aniela in Chicago and she marries Wojciech Sztermer.
Stephan, born 23 Dec 1853 in Drzycim. There is a marriage in Serock for Stephanus Gburek age 23 to Francisca Jaruszewska age 21 in 1877.
Zuzanna, born about 1857, married John Kloska 14 Nov 1877 in Serock, died 4 Oct 1942 in Chicago.
Marianna, born about 1864, married Frank Dombrowski 3 Aug 1886 in Chicago.
Andrzej, born about 1868, died 19 Aug 1886 in Chicago.

I have yet to find my Martin's birth to link him to this Matthew, but I suspect they are brothers, I just need to find the proof.