Teofila Fafurowski

1867 - 1935

Aka Phyllis, Teofila Meler.

Parents were Andrzej Fafurowski and Marianna Meler.
Teofila was born illegitimate to Marianna Meler and assumed the Fafurowski name when her mother married Andrzej Fafurowski.
Since the biological father is unknown, I continue tracing the Fafurowski line.

Born 14th April 1867 in Gulcz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Baptised 14th April 1867 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Died 6th July 1935 in Chicago, Illinois and buried in St. Adalbert's Cemetery in Niles, Illinois.

Married Valentine Kramer 7th September 1885 at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Chicago.

Stanley Francis, born 4 Nov 1886, married Cecelia Strzyzewski on 16 Feb 1920, died 25 Apr 1962.
John Joseph, born 7 Mar 1888, married Mary Cwiak on 14 Feb 1917, died 27 Aug 1971.
Francis, born 19 Nov 1889, died 19 Jul 1890.
Julia, born 21 Apr 1891, married John Kawalkowski on 2 Feb 1909, died 13 Jan 1980.
Antoni Adalbert, born 4 Apr 1893, married Emilia Brun in New Bedford, Massachusetts, died around 1956.
Angeline, born 21 May 1895, married Damazy Wojtkiewicz, died 16 May 1970.
Valentine Jr. aka William, born 21 Dec 1897. I have a funeral card which I think might be him. Date of that death is 27 Feb 1965. I need this death certificate to be certain.

Sources: baptism, marriage, 1900 1910 1920 1930 censuses and obituary.

Andrzej Fafurowski

1843 - 1924

Aka Andrew, Peperowski.

Parents were Ignatius Fafurowski and Regina Michalak.

Born 15th November 1843 in Stajkowo, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Baptised 19th November 1843 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Died 27th May 1924 in Chicago, Illinois.
Buried 31st May 1924 in St. Adalbert's Cemetery in Niles, Illinois.

Married to Juliana Polka 12 Jul 1868 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Juliana died 1st October 1871.

Magdalena, born 8 Jul 1869.

Married to Marianna Meler 12th November 1871 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.

Teofila, (see above).
Michael, born 14 Sep 1872, died 27 Feb 1873.
Maria, born 23 May 1874, died 10 Dec 1874.
Stanislaus, born 24 Mar 1876, died 7 Sep 1886.
Joannis, born 26 May 1879, died 19 Oct 1879.

Sources: baptism, marriages, 1910 1920 censuses, death certificate.

Ignatius Feferowski

Born circa 1804

Aka Peperowski, Peper, Piper.

Parents were Casimir Piper and Catharine Banusch.

Married Sophia Grupinski 2nd February 1829 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.
Sophia died 12th September 1836.

Married Regina Michalak 20th November 1836 in Lubasz, Czarnków, Poznan, Poland.

Joseph, born 10 Mar 1838, died 18 Mar 1838.
Antonina, born 14 Dec 1839, married Jacob Krygowski on 13 Feb 1858; married Joseph Kurowski 3 Nov 1867, died 1 Jul 1912.
Marianna, born 28 Sep 1841, died 24 Feb 1852.
Andrzej, (see above).
Michael, born 2 Sep 1845, died 14 Sep 1845.
Magdalena, born 15 Jan 1847.
Adam and Martin were twins that were stillborn on 20 Oct 1852.

Sources: all the aliases of Feferowski, Peperowski, Peper and Piper are from the marriages and the children's births.

Casimir Piper

Aka Peper

Married Catharine Banusch.

Ignatius Feferowski, (see above).

Sources: first marriage for Ignatius.

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