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My ancestry is Chicago Polish and the majority of my information comes from the church records from Chicago parishes and Polish parishes, census records and obituaries. I have other sources like death certificates on a few people or immigration records, but most is from the above mentioned sources. I find the church records to have more information for me to further my research and are also the least expensive way to search.

I do follow a lot of lateral lines looking for clues on my main lines so it is more than likely I have more than what you find posted on my site.

If you think you may have a connection and would like more information please contact me. I am always willing to share what documents I have in the hope that someone out there has that one scooby clue for me to go further in my research.

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On their respective surname pages, each ancestor has a summary about their family. If more information is required, such as further sources, then click on the contact link provided at the top of any page.

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